“If it won’t give me profit in any way, I won’t do it”

Has a habit of cleaning his fingernails with one of his throwing knives.

“-How does he look like?
-I… I’m.. I’m not sure sir…
-How can u be NOT SURE if u just talked to him?!?!
-I.. I don’t know sir. I only remember that he had a sword behind his back.
-Half of my soldiers carry their swords that way!!! Useless idiot!”
-Conversation between a guardsman in pursuit of the culprit of recent murder and local bartender.


Marked by tragedy in his childhood he was took in by one of the Moritat Assassin cells. Trained and brought up. Taught according to their doctrines and sent into the world onto his travail.

Even though he became a silent killing machine, the years spent with this blood cult changed him. He no longer feels any joy in anything except tracking and hunting down his prey. Anticipating the sweet sweet moment when the blood of helpless victim will color his beloved sword.

And so he was noticed by the inquisition. Hired and sent onto the world to spill more and more blood in the name of the Emperor.


Ravia Lethos