Gunsmith Gunslinger


Real name unknown, calls himself “Ramirez”
35 years old
Black hair
Scarred and unshaven
Is known to wear a cowboy hat and a trench coat
Apart a arsenal of grenades and knifes, is armed with a stub automatic of Phobos pattern, masterfully crafted, contains a writing “I’ll always find my master”.


Born to middle hive family of hiveworld Scintilla, Gunmetal hive. Father taught him the way of the gun, as it a custom of his hive. Once he reached his teens, a gun was presented upon him, a normal Phobos Stubber, nothing special. Through a casual tweaking and tinkering of the gun, he grew close with the machine spirit of his gun. Spent his early life roaming the lowest layers of hive spire, looking for challenge or easy money. Left his homeplanet to roam the galaxy in search of different planets, where men were less skillful in gunfights. His lawless way of living attracted attention and before he knew it, law enforcement had him. He was awoken in a prison cell, that was located on a orbital penal station, high above the planet. Despite never being truly “disarmed”, due to his psychic ability to summon his gun at will, he decided to stay here. He was fed daily, slept in his own bed and this prisons warden even organised a illegal fighting between prisoners to the death, which Ramirez enjoyed both to watch and to participate in, as his customs encourage honorable gun duels between people,

One night there was a new face in the prison, a dark, yet happy, face. He entered the cell unchallenged and offered Ramirez this: “Survive arena today and you are free”. That night his hands were stained with the blood of his kinsman. He did not felt guilt, because the duel was honorable, just like they did back in Gunmetal hive. Giving the God-Emperor and Omnissiah his thanks, he was free…or wasnt he? The man he met earlier introduced himself as Inquisitor Kraig, his new lord and master.

The life as an acolyte bored Ramirez, He could not earn money easily, his teammates were only getting in the way of his gunfire line, Kraig probably wanted him dead. He went rogue and fled, stealing the ship that belonged to his inquisitor.

Eventually he ended up in sub-sector Cornellia, where, for reasons unknown, the pursuit against him ended. Here he landed on Ravia, to look for easy bounty-hunting work. In his first contract, he met Skive and Mancip, who were also after his target. Through them he met Stark and Theodosius Noirgrim, who enlisted him as his bodyguard. Since Stark was his kinsman and he possessed same abilities as Ramirez, they became friends.

Other bodyguards have left Theodosius at one point. They were sent to serve Arch-governor-militant Constantine as his “Black Marks”, a regiment of guardsmen, handpicked by Constantine himself. As ordered by Noirgrim, he banded together a small gang, loyal to Noirgrims cause, called “Quirashi”. It all ended with inquisitorial agents storming his hideout and killing everyone in mere seconds. Seeing that his masters time was about to end, he abandoned the sinking ship by helping the agent find Theodosius and escape as soon as they were distracted.

Due to rules of succession, he is the current leader of Hydra, along with Stark. What will he do next?

“10 thrones? i killed for less back home”


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