Bork Enstein

A chronic womanizer. Better with words than guns.


Bork hides his big mutant eyes under goggles all the time. Aware of his surroundings and good with social situations, fast talking and getting through in places where connections are required. Able to move silently, he can also sneak up on unsuspecting victims and unload his shotgun onto their backs. Although such an option is not preferred as Bork would rather use his tongue than the trigger.


Outrageous, flamboyant , blonde haired scumbag, a little selfish, but not without care for others, erratic, scatterbrained, reckless . Had a multitude of adventures through space and time on a variety of planets and planes of existence. The dreaded mines being one of them. Though the experience was not pleasant to say the least and now Bork has a strong distaste of things related to magic.

Bork Enstein

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