Cloned Tech-Priest infiltrator



Gender: Female
Age: 18
Career: Tech-Priest
Height: 1.80m
Weight: 65 kg
Describtion: She is a clone of a Magos Has brown hair and green eyes. She isn’t a typical Tech-Priest, you can’t see any metal peaces on her body, but her insides are almost purely artificial. She must look this way so she could infiltrate and kill heretics. Antrax is very loyal to her beliefs.


Anthrax was cloned from a famous Magos Genator Flavia an agent of the Lords Dragon. She is the leading expert in genetics and cloning and one of the oldest Tech-Priests. After discovering ancient archeotech cloning machine Flavia tried to understand how it worked. There were many failures and some partial successes. Only after genetically altering her own DNA, Flavia manged to create a stable clone, but not perfect clone. Anthrax’s organs were messed up so they were replaced with artificial organs that suited her very well. Flavia manages everything related to genetics and cloning in sub-sector Cornellia.

From here start the story of Anthrax. She was trained to infiltrate followers of Malygris’ teachings. She was taught a lot of forbidden lore so she could do her task perfectly.

After completing such task, The Lords Dragons usually kill Tech-Priests who were influenced by the heretechs, but she was not an ordinary Tech-Priest. She was a clone of Flavia and nobody suspects her clone to be heretech. So Anthrax received an invitation to join agents of The Lords Dragons.

Anthrax was an excellent example for how the agents of The Lords Dragon should look like, she is a clone of the great Magos Genator Flavia. Anthrox is strictly loyal to her “mother”, that was placed in her DNA.

Anthrox had no connection to Praecursator Grid. She had trouble learning how to connect, maybe it’s a clone defect. Anthrax has a mission infiltrate and find out everything about Faustus. To do so, she must first join one of his cells and gain the trust of his agents.

In the end, after a an accident during one of the expeditions into the desserts, she had to split up with Bork. The sands took its toll of passage.


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