Ravia is classified as Desert Death World, thats not entirely true, because the world itself is dynamic, just as the people that reside there. This fact can be credited to unusual sun of the planet, that scorches and burns everything it sets its gaze upon in mere seconds. Due this circumstance, Ravia by day is a sea of dunes and sand, where death strikes all that leave shadows. All the water vapor rises and forms clouds by evening, making it save to leave shadows, and as soon as the nightfall hits, boiling hot water starts to rain, that then fills the canyons and dunes with seas, lakes and rivers, that vaporize once the morning comes. The cities are protected by large UV shields and usually are set on rocky surfaces, to be save from the denizens of the sand, like sand whales, giant sand worms and other local fauna. The Royal City, capital of Ravia is one of such cities. Positioned on a rocky edges of the cliffs, each district of the city is divided by a canyon and connected by a huge bridge. You can find any kind of folk here, ranging from mercenaries, looking to get easy money, to adventurers, looking to conquer the endless sands outside city walls.


Unknown to majority, Ravia at first was just a lifeless rock in space. The oldest record about Ravia dates back to dark age of technology, back then it was just a deep space research center and it is unknown what happened, that led Ravia to become what is now.
When Imperium came to Ravia, it found tribal people warring for territory among rocks and under the shadow. Since the unification under one holly banner of the god-emperor, Sultan was selected to govern whole of Ravia and to represent its interests. Nobody ever sees Sultan or his Vizier, as eyes of the peasantry are not meant to gaze upon his majesty, nor does one ever hear about him…for 1000 years there was not a single word or news coming from inside the royal palace. That doesnt mean that Ravia has no leadership, as nobles have formed a Senate and council over Sultans realm.


One would think Ravians have no plants in their diet, they would be wrong. Most of Ravian cuisine is mushrooms and seaweed, which grows in the rain pools during night and then hides inside sand during day. Meat is rare, since hunting is a delicate craft and there is no place to herd animals. The nobles are known to have access to fruits, that grow on trees of their own gardens.


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