Theodosius Noigrim

A noble who sough power.


Male. Appears to be in his 30-ties, 40-ties, yet, knowing what wealth can buy, looks are nothing. Short trimmed hair, dyed in white. Has stern face, with a bionic eye.
Likes to wear as fancy clothing as possible, under which he hides his armor.
Never leaves his ornate sword alone.

Is known to take trophies from his foes….their heads.


The noble house Noirgrim had, as its name implies, a dark past and even darker roots. Like most of local nobility, Theodosius was born on Ravia and received imperial education. During his younger life, his father, named Aurel, was publicly executed for crimes he did not commit. The entire Noirgrim household were spared the arbitrator investigation, mainly because Aurel did not reject the charges in order to save his family. He was a great father.

With her husbands disappearance, Julia Noirgrim died of depression soon after. This left Theodosius alone with 20 serfs, there were raised from their youth to serve him, and no bodyguards. Time passed, Theodosius never did his duty as a noble by showing up in senates sessions, instead he simply bought and sold wares, like a common merchant, and used all money gained to hire best swordmen around to teach him.

He was mainly unknown to public, until one day he showed up to senate and proclaimed being a sorcerer of unimaginable power. He promised everyone being dead, if his demand was not met, which is him being a new sultan of Ravia. With a flash and purple smokes he disappeared from the stage.

With town watch occupying his estate and arbitrators fallowing his trail, he orchestrates series of murders in shape of a pentagram all around the city from his secret hideout.

Ultimately, his hideout at Hakimi estate was discovered by a Ravias inquisitorial agent cell, just one day before his grand plan. With help of Noble house Fatima, that suffered heavy losses that day, agents stormed the estate and beheaded Theodosius. Before his death he explained to be the current leader of Hydra, an organisation sworn to eradicate inquisitions strong influence in sub-sector Cornellia. His real plan was never to kill senate, only the debauched and corrupt nobles, together with any inquisitorial agent that took the bait. His last words were: “Hydra Dominatus”, taking his dedication to the grace. Upon Arbitrators arriving, he was found headless, surrounded by 4 agents of the holly inquisition. Suffer not the witch to live.

“Pray to the god-emperor all you want, scum, and hope that his salvation reaches you faster than my sword” -Theodosius Noirgrim

Theodosius Noigrim

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