The one who lost his master


Real name: Starrk
Age: 25
World: Hive
Black hair, fair skin color, sometimes lazy

He carries 2 guns, both are pistol. Dislikes anything that has an edge. He is know to use unfair games, distractions and doesn’t concern for other people lives. He is an expert chemist and demolition man, destroying buildings, street is his specialty. Few people lived who saw his face.


As a young boy Starrk lived in a populated hive where guns meant everything – if you can’t wield one you will die. Starrk with his older brother, who he idealized, had no parents and they both grew up in the street. His brother taught Starrk how to shot. Though Starrk wasn’t even near his brothers level, but he managed somehow.

Many years passed and Starrk’s skills improved greatly, but his brother couldn’t see that, he left the hive when Starrk was around 15. Following his brother’s foot steps, Starrk left the hive and became the bounty hunter. His name was feared over the whole planet, nobody could match this dual-wielding mother fucker in a fight.

One day Starrk went to another planet, he heard about a man, who’s skills are legendary. Starrk desired to meet that man, little did he know that was his older brother. They met on a planet Ravia, they didn’t recognize each other, even though they were brothers. Starrk’s brothers was into dueling to the death and Starrk agreed to take on his challenge. After few shots were fired Starrk’s brother went down. On the ground, still alive he said: “Starrk… I am sorry, I won’t see you grown up… spits blood That would be my last wish”. Starrk struck with fear, regret grabbed his brother and cried: “Brother, what have I done… NOOOO!!!!!” Starrk’s brother died with a smile in his face, both that his wish came true and that his brother was stronger than he ever was.

Few years later Starrk lost himself in alcohol. He drunk everyday every night. But one day Theodosius care into the bar seeking mercenaries. He offered good money and Starrk was just was about to run out. Starrk, completely drunk took his gun and shot a coin in Theodosiuos hand. He was so impressed that he hired him right away.

After that Starrk grew respect for Theodosius, he was like a bossy brother to Starrk, he’d even sacrifice his life for Theodosius. Starrk met his fellow Gunslinger. Ramirez was his kinsman and they found mutual friendship. Soon after they joined Hydra, at that point Starrk was introduced to the technology of the forge world, xeno tech many other. Theodosius ordered Starrk to disrupt Inquisitions work, so he destroyed whole town for that reason. Made an adventure in the space hulk where he traveled back in time.

Starrk with his cell were ordered to protect one of the core members of Hydra. They pretended to be body guards for that person. Little did he know that one of the guards was Fautus him self. They had a battle in the middle of the town. Starrk saw, that he is too strong and as a last resort in hopes that his teammates will escape he ran towards Faustus with grenades in his hands and blew himself up. But that wasn’t the end of his story. He was resurrected and mind-cleansed. Fautus admired his sacrifice and wanted this kind of subordinate.

With his personality and memories deleted, Starrk served as an agent of Inquisition. He traveled through the whole sector. Gaining knowledge of the Inquisition. Seeing them work.

When Starrk came back to Ravia, his memories started to return. He slept for 5 days, haunted by the nightmares of his past, not knowing what they meant. By a pure chance, Starrk met another cell of inquisition. They reported that Theodosius is dead and Ramirez was severely injured. Something snapped in Starrk. He felt anger, like no other time. His psychic powers returned. He remembered who he was. The news about Theodosius death devastated him… Now, he will find a way how to kill all Inquisition especially Faustus, who make him work for Inquisition. Now Starrk is looking for any heretics, technology that might help him defeat the Inquisition and restore the Hydra.

“You didn’t let me die, even more, you make me work for you. You shall pay for that with your blood”


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