Intios Heutom

Noble man learning the trade of assasins


The Contract

The life of every man is dictated by rules, whether a man knows this or not is a different matter.
For the assassin, these rules come in the form of contracts, where the preceding contract is more importance than the next.
For me these contracts are:

  1. Vendetta. I shall bring vengeance upon the ones that have killed my father and brought shame and suffering to my family. This is the most important contract, for without it my life is void.
  2. Life. I must survive, for until the first contract is not fulfilled I do not hold the right to die.
  3. Hunt. When a name is selected or given, this man must die, whatever the cost, for with every kill I extend my own life and bring vengeance closer.
  4. Honour. I was born a to a honourable family and I shall keep this honour unless it gets in the way of the more important contracts.

Intios Heutom

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