Intelligencer Abdul-Sami

Arbitrator, investigating Noirgrim case


A high-ranked officer of the local “Arbitrarium”. Lately tasked with finding current hideout of the rogue noble Theodesius Noirgrim, it probably being his last job, as after a series of failures he is about to be dismissed from the service.
Unlike most of arbitrators, who fallow imperial law to the letter, he sometimes acts according to his own sense of “greater justice”, he sometimes may ignore a petty crime, only because not ignoring it may spawn a serious crime or huge inconvenience.

“Normally i would send you to penal legions, but since i am too lazy to fill out the paperwork and it would be a waste of fuel to transport your ass to Thracius, ill write you a simple fine”
-Intelligencer Abdul-Sami

Intelligencer Abdul-Sami

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