Gottfried Zarkov

A no nonsense Schola Progenium Guardsman


Gottfried.jpg A twenty-one year old graduate of the Schola Progenium, Gottfried Zarkov is an average looking man for a soldier, fit but not overly muscled and his somewhat plain face is punctuated by piercing sea grey eyes and bordered by cropped short brown hair. He is clean shaven.

Wears a suit of Guard Flak Armour similar to above picture, minus backpack camera. Wears a standard Laspistol on a thigh rig and a Guard Issue bayonet in a shoulder sheath on his chest armour. His most prized possession however is a Armageddon Pattern Autogun as seen below, with the addition of a fire selector. The fire selector, rather than an actual modification of the weapon is simply the shell of a drum magazine modified to hold 3 separate clips of ammunition, with a switch on the back facilitation feed changes on the fly. armageddon_auto.png


Born on the Imperial World of Donia in the Segmentum Pacificus to a retired Colonel of a Donian Guard Regiment and a mid-ranking local Administratum Adept, the former his Mother, surprisingly enough. Donia is most know as the birthplace of the revered Saint and Imperial Hero Lord Solar Macharius and is as such a frequent place of worship for pilgrims following in his footsteps, it also boasts a strong militant tradition, the Saint’s true legacy.

Gottfried was adopted into the Schola at age 7 after his parents were killed by a recidivist cell which had chosen to reveal itself with the bombing of a local shrine to Saint Macharius. The attack was cut short however when the bomb detonated prematurely during transit, instead severely damaging the front of a hab-block and annihilating a Cafe, where the Zarkovs had been getting a cup of recaf as they enjoyed their yearly holiday. Gottfried survived only by virtue of the fact he was seated furthest from the blast and that his parents bodies absorbed the majority of shrapnel headed his way, the blast still left him with several scars, an especially large one running from left collarbone to right hip, not to mention severe mental trauma and PTSD for several years.

Due to the rank of both his parents within Imperial society, he was admitted into the Donian Schola Progenium without question. The loss of his parents left him with a burning hatred of recidivists, secessionists, heretics and traitors which immediately earned him earmarking for possible Inquisitorial assignment after graduation.

While his performance assessments were never exceptional enough to qualify him for Stormtrooper or Inquisitorial Stormtrooper training, he was well above the average when it came to military concerns, especially showing significant skill as a marksman. This resulted in him ultimately being given assignment as an Inquisitorial Guardsman, who generally serve in Acolyte cells or as guards for various minor Inquisition facilities. As is customary for Inquisitorial troops, he was transferred from the Segmentum Pacificus to the Segmentum Obscurus to lessen the chance of local heretics being able to compromise Inquisitorial operations in the Segmentum.

Though not an unreasonable man, Gottfried is hardened by his Schola upbringing, providing a no nonsense, professional approach to all his assignments. While somewhat naive, this naivety is more often related to adherence to the Imperial Creed than being overly trusting.
Gottfried wears his Donian Guard Issue Flak Armour everywhere, only taking it off to bathe himself or clean and maintain the armour itself. He is also loathe to go anywhere without at least his sidearm, feeling that going anywhere without a firearm is a failure of his duty to the Emperor and Inquisition and an endangering of his teammates.

Gottfried Zarkov