Faustus of Cyprian

Cornellian angel-guardian


Male, 36 years old.

Unlike most of inquisitors, he does not radiate an aura of authority or fear, instead he looks quite young, inexperienced and naive. This is credited to his long and well kept hair, his clean face with a smile and mostly to his garish sense of fashion. His lean frame also does him no justice of being menacing.

When out of his noble clothing, Faustus likes to wear a simple feudal plate chestplate with a golden aquila symbol in the middle, all covered by a leather trenchcoat.


Selectively bred by sisters of the Famulous Orders to a dynasty of a rogue trader, Faustus was born for a singular purpose… to ascend among men. Not much is known about his life, other than what comes out of implications: he lived a rich life, became an acolyte and survived long enough to become an inquisitor. Even so, nothing is known about his inquisitorial career. When he became, who was his inquisitor, what exactly did he do….nothing is known. During the hardships of Cornellia, he revealed himself, an inquisitor out of nowhere, with but a handful of people under his command. Nobody could have even dreamed about it, but this individual has brought glory and victory with his appearance.

Faustus might look eccentric at times, too joyful, too disorganized in his own life and thoughts, despite being known by his men as someone who likes order and discipline.

He never goes anywhere without his personal assistant, Zhu Li (Jullie), who he orders around to make him tea or to fetch reports left and right…or perhaps to show him a card trick or two for amusement.

“….Clues?….Zhu Li, do we have any of those “clues”?…WELL GET ME SOME CLUES, DAMN IT! No clues for you."
-Faustus of Cyprian, in response to his acolyte asking for clues.

Faustus of Cyprian

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