Arbitrator Abadi

Ravian Arbitrator


Abadi was born on Ravia 26 years ago. Her mother died during birth and due to mines shaft collapse she has lost her father. A good friend to her family, Walid, forged documents regarding her mother, stating that she was an adept of high ranking, in order for Abadi to be accepted into schola progenium on Hive world of Thracius. During her education, she discovered papers to be fake, yet concealed this fact from the superiors, as she has found her lives calling, it being Lex Imperialis. Upon graduation, she declined a call into orders of the Adepta Sorita and joined Adeptus Arbites. Since Ravia being her homeworld, she was stationed here in local “Arbitrarium”. The first thing she does is kill Walid, such sentence she gave him for forgery. Since that she was a vigilant arbitrator, serving under Intelligencer Abdul-Sami. During her servitude, however, she noticed the apathy of the arbitrators here, sometimes they did nothing to some criminals after catching them, sometimes they ignored them utterly. Even so, she was taught to be loyal and never question her authority, as saying goes “contemplation is the womb of treachery”.

“I have suspected a corruption inside Arbitrarium, yet never spoke about it, as it is not something to be spoken easily about”
-Arbitrator Abadi

Arbitrator Abadi

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